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Qualified pluggable modules directory

SmartNIC compatibility for qualified/supported pluggable modules.
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(1) Power Class is not defined for SFP modules. Compliance to the standard (MSA INF-8074) allows up to 1 W of power consumption. The value in the table is “I” if power consumption is 1 W or less, and “II” if power consumption is more than 1 W.

N/A – Not available
Unkn – Unknown
P/W – Password

For further details please see DN-0390 Network Accelerators Qualification Criteria for Pluggable Transceiver Modules.

Certification only applies to the individual pluggable modules as per the manufacturer’s data sheet and is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer. Napatech is not responsible for changes. For pluggable modules homologated with Napatech accelerators please see Certificates for Regulatory Compliance, Safety, Environment on the Napatech Support Portal.

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